WoodPower PowerBoard:
The finest portable handstand training board this world has ever seen.

WoodPower’s PowerBoard literally evens the playing field for everyone to enjoy safe handstand and arm balances. Improve your practice from the ground up with the best hand balance training platform on the planet!

Enjoy solid stability and comfortable support everywhere you practice! Wide enough to fit even the broadest shoulders and largest paws, every PowerBoard has laser-cut alignment guides for finding optimal hand placement in a variety of exercises.

What exactly is a handstand board / arm balance trainer and why should I use one?

Finding balance during handstands and similar poses can be quite complicated. Take away the guesswork and focus on what’s important: hand placement, strength, and awareness of alignment. while inverted and improve overall balance while strengthening your shoulders and core.

The WoodPower PowerBoard is the perfect platform for a fully supported handstand & arm balance practice. Enjoy a stable, non-slip surface that allows you to more easily find (and fine tune) proper hand position and wrist alignment. You'll feel safer and more secure knowing that you'll always have a solid foundation for your practice!

What's the big deal about using sustainable wood?
We care about the planet and you should, too! WoodPower only uses sustainably sourced wood and plants one tree for every product sold so you can practice confidently knowing that you've given back more than you took.